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ACES 1-on-1 mentorship, Advanced Courses, live sessions & alerts from 100+ analysts

ACES fx/crypto alerts,
ACES live sessions,
beginner institutional courses

*including everything in previous pack*

*Trade Alerts including analysis & Live NY session trading calls every morning from two of our Aces analysts (Jose & Marcello) 

*Aces Live trading lessons, Q&A as well as market overview live calls on a weekly basis

*Access to 75+ videos, & 4 different levels of trading courses meant to give new traders a curriculum to gain the tools needed for analyzing the charts, understand trading psychology & create their trading plan.

* Optional affiliate program

*1 on 1 mentorship sessions weekly with Aces Analysts, advanced Aces courses on Wycoff, advanced lower time frame entries, & applying institutional concepts from earlier courses to new markets such as stocks 

*Access to our in person seminars, more Aces Analysts, Live institutional trading calls in options & short term-> long term stock trade alerts 

*Additional Trade alerts, live educational sessions (including all previously held recorded sessions) and basic courses in one of the markets of your choice
(Currencies, Cryptocurrency & E-commerce)

* Optional affiliate program

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trading algorithms in crypto, & FX. Live calls+ alerts in all markets, E-commerce education

*including everything in previous packs*

*Access to 9+ Trading Algorithims & tools in the currency, crypto & options markets that will allow you to add extra confirmations to give you brand new trade ideas for your trading

* Access to trade alerts & leaning/earning based live streams from market experts in every financial market we utilize 

* Additional beginner & advanced courses on institutional trading & even other strategies in every market we offer. 

* Optional affiliate program


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